The Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund Team consists of:

Angus Geddes
Angus Geddes is the co-founder, CEO and CIO of Fat Prophets. Established in June 2000, Fat Prophets has grown into a recognised provider of both independent research and investment portfolio management encompassing major global stock markets. Angus has a wealth of experience acquired over more than two decades in both domestic and international financial markets. Aside from running Fat Prophets, Angus has broad investment responsibilities within the wealth management division. Over the last nine years Angus has been responsible for the construction of a range of long only model portfolios investing in equities across global markets, each of which is measured against appropriate market indexes. Angus has also been closely involved in the management of Fat Prophets long only and trading accounts. The latter have broad mandates covering global equities, commodities, currencies and real property and make use of leverage and derivative instruments. Majoring in Economics, Angus completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Otago University, New Zealand in1990. He is also a member of the Securities Institute of Australia having qualified for a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment in 1999.

Simon Wheatley
Simon has over 20 years of listed markets experience, having started out in real estate equity research in 1996, before heading real estate equity research teams for JB Were and Goldman Sachs from 1999. Simon was head of international equity research for Goldman Sachs JBWere (GSJBW) based in New York from 2005 where he was also broker dealer licencee of the US business, was a member of the Australian Investment Review Committee for Goldman Sachs Equity Research, and was a long term partner at GSJBW. Additionally he has had successful private business ventures, and most recently headed Real Estate Corporate Advisory for Australia and New Zealand for Goldman Sachs. Simon is a contractor to Fat Prophets Pty Ltd.

Amandeep Mashiana
Aman has worked for Fat Prophets since 2009, based in the London office as a senior analyst and investment manager within the wealth management business. He has an active role in the management of high net worth client portfolios and portfolio construction. Aman is currently leading a team of investment advisors and analysts in the Fat Prophets London office. He has operational responsibilities for the UK office. Prior to joining Fat Prophets in 2009 Aman was an account manager at Corporate FX in London, a business providing companies with bespoke currency solutions

Max McKegg
Max is a foreign exchange professional with three decades of FX trading/ forecasting experience. Max will provide investment support and expertise for the currency related investment opportunities in the Fund. Max is managing director of Technical Research Limited, a firm providing independent currency views and ideas to institutional and retail investors which has a deep level of clientele across the globe. Max worked in foreign exchange with the Bank of New Zealand for 8 years until 1993 prior to establishing Technical Research Limited. Max is a contractor to Fat Prophets Pty Ltd.
Richard Fabicius Richard has worked at Fat Prophets for over nine years. He is a senior member of Fat Prophets Sydney based wealth management team. Having worked within the investment management industry for over thirty years, first of all in London, then Chicago and now Sydney, Richard has accumulated a wealth of experience as a diversified portfolio manager, client adviser and business manager. After spending the early part of his career in private client stockbroking he then joined Robert Fleming Investment Management as a portfolio manager. This was followed by senior roles at Bank in Liechtenstein, where he Chaired the London investment committee, and Aberdeen Asset Management.